We are pleased to have returned to our "new normal" with our staff working both from our office and remote. We are welcoming clients into our office in a manner that meets Provincial health and safety standards.

Are we a specialized workplace law practice, or are we a dedicated HR consultancy? Yes.

Let our team help yours

Sure, we’ve built a team with an impressive list of credentials and relevant experience, but it still comes down to the things you don’t see on paper – a people-first mindset, with a deep understanding of interpersonal engagement. That’s where we really shine.

Law and HR in perfect harmony

Sometimes you really need the services of a dedicated HR firm, and sometimes, the advice of a workplace law firm is the answer. Our HR Atlantic integrated approach means you’ll always have access to the right mix of expertise to solve complex workplace issues.

Employer-side specialists

We’ve evolved our practice to best serve the needs of employers – in both the public and private sectors of Atlantic Canada. We believe that this approach is in the best interest of our clients, and based on our results, they wholeheartedly agree.

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