We are pleased to have returned to our "new normal" with our staff working both from our office and remote. We are welcoming clients into our office in a manner that meets Provincial health and safety standards.

Regardless of the workplace situation or the challenges presented, the outcome must be positive.

Labour Law

If you manage a unionized workplace, we can help with your legal needs.

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Health Law

We can help health organizations with their needs, whether it be risk management, professional practice or administrative law.

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Employment Law

At HR Atlantic Law, we can help with your legal needs throughout the life span of your workers’ employment.

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Education Law

We provide education organizations, whether private, public, primary, secondary or post-secondary, with their workplace and administrative law needs.

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Alternative Workplace Solutions

At HR Atlantic Law, we want what’s best for our clients. Sometimes that means using non-traditional models for resolving issues.

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Workplace Investigations

Allegations of harassment, discrimination and complaints of disruptive behaviours are some of the most challenging issues to deal with in a workplace.

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