We are pleased to have returned to our "new normal" with our staff working both from our office and remote. We are welcoming clients into our office in a manner that meets Provincial health and safety standards.

“You will never get the best out of anyone professionally unless you understand what motivates and makes them tick personally – as a human being.”
– Rasheed Ogunlaru

Education Law

    We provide education organizations, whether private, public, primary, secondary or post-secondary, with their workplace and administrative law needs.  We provide spokesperson services and bargaining support for a variety of education sector negotiations, from faculty and teaching staff to campus security and physical plant operations.  We offer training for managers and supervisors on their legal and contractual obligations in the performance of their duties and can help you manage your workplace litigation risk by providing audits of your policies and practices, advising in duty to accommodate cases, conducting harassment or other workplace investigations.  We also provide advice to governance boards on structural and process matters, and support organizations with student and academic appeals, senate procedures, tenure disputes, harassment complaints, and other administrative law support.


    • Board advice
    • Student appeal
    • Professional standard
    • Risk management
    • Regulatory compliance